Saturday, July 22, 2006

Integral Without Hype

For a month I took a break from blogging, but will now resume this activity again.

In the past weeks, a lot of networking has occurred between people who have completely had it with the current hype around integral. And one might say: the hysteria. Hype when it comes to recent integral publications and events; hysteria when it comes to criticism, even in the form of mild feedback.

Add to this the glamour of a personality cult around Wilber, not to mention his increasing infatuation with Hollywood celebrities (see this kw blog posting about his visit to the "V for Vendetta" premiere in New York, and this comment: "V is for Vanity") and those who prefer reason above the culture of fame and popularity will want to look elsewhere for sane discussions about the pros and cons of integral philosophy.

One such initiative has been, where many of those who have contributed one way or the other to Integral World have found a meeting ground.